Brixton Cycles was established as a workers co operative in 1983, during this time we have always been and remain a community focused bike shop.  We have always provided a free to use pump and tool board, our ethos being to put people before profit.  Although, we are a business with overheads to meet we are equally dedicated to supporting the community as a whole.

As a workers co-operative we are invested in supporting the co op model and try to support other co ops whenever possible. We strongly believe in the equal and non hierarchical benefits of co operatives.

While we believe that the revolution will not be motorized, our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with riding bikes. We’re proud of our eco friendly parts washer and even the unbleached, recycled toilet paper we use! Just to mention a few of the actions we have taken to become a more environmentally sustainable business.

We have been at our “new shop” on Brixton road for several years now and have seen the co operative change in many ways but our core values remain the same. Our Workshop is still awe inspiring, our product range reflects what we ourselves use and we are grateful to everyone who donated to us when we needed it most!


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